At RM Liquid Disposal, we have a large fleet of vacuum tankers of various sizes, operating across Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire for disposal of large amounts of liquid wastes.

Offering Commercial and Residential Liquid Waste Disposal Services Over 40 years

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Fast and Reliable Vacuum Tanker Hire in Bournemouth & Poole

Need a waste water tanker in Bournemouth or Poole? We offer a range of vacuum tankers with varying capacities, available for flexible hire to suit different budgets and technical needs. Our contracts are available on both short and long-term bases, so you won’t be locked into lengthy commitments if your needs change.

Vacuum Tanker Jetter Hire for Liquid Waste

At RM Liquid, we excel in managing industrial and commercial liquid waste with a fleet of tankers capable of collecting up to 6,000 gallons at a time. We also have tankers small enough to access some of the tightest locations.  Our core services range from controlling surface water and emptying underground tanks such as septic tanks and cesspits. Equipped with high-pressure jet washers, our vacuum tankers can also efficiently remove blockages.

With over 40 years of experience, we offer tailored, cost-effective services nationwide for sewage, oil and water, sludge, silt, leachate, and grease trap waste. Trust us for comprehensive liquid waste management solutions.


Our JetVac tankers, also known as High Lift Vacuum Tanker vehicles, combine powerful high-pressure and high-volume jetting with advanced vacuum capabilities to effectively clear and unblock drains. These versatile machines are essential for removing heavy liquids, sludge, silt, and debris from a variety of environments, including deep soakaways, culverts, sewage lanes, and digesters.

JetVac tankers operate by using a high-pressure water jet to dislodge and break down materials at a rate of up to 90 gallons per minute. The high lift vacuum then swiftly sucks up the loosened debris, ensuring thorough cleaning and unblocking. This dual-action process makes JetVac tankers highly efficient for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, providing reliable and powerful performance in even the most challenging conditions.

Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency response, our JetVac tankers are equipped to handle the toughest jobs, ensuring your drainage systems remain clear and functional. With RM Liquid’s expertise and cutting-edge equipment, you can trust us to provide top-notch service for all your industrial and commercial liquid waste management needs.

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Client Testimonials

Great service, arrived quickly and sorted the problem out, kept me reassured and up to date at every step of the way, would definitely use again!

Tanya O’Brien

Very friendly and professional, start to finish. They responded quickly to my email and they booked me in immediately. Zack who did the dirty part of the job was brilliant. Thanks!

Leo Chapalos

The service has been amazing. I genuinely can’t thank them enough. So efficient, friendly and super quick. This is as good as it gets

Marcus Beck


100% transparency is guaranteed and you can rest assured there are no hidden charges whatsoever. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless experience, ensuring that you get the right equipment for your needs without any hassle. 

Some Coverage Areas for Our Waste Tanker Service

  • Alton

  • Andover

  • Basingstoke

  • Bearwood

  • Beaminster

  • Blandford forum

  • Boscombe

  • Bournemouth

  • Bransgore

  • Bridport

  • Broadstone

  • Brockenhurst

  • Charminster

  • Christchurch

  • Corfe Mullen

  • Dorchester 

  • Eastleigh 

  • Fareham 

  • Ferndown

  • Highcliffe

  • Lymington

  • Lytchett Minster

  • Milford on Sea

  • The New Forest

  • New Milton

  • West Parley

  • Parkstone

  • Poole

  • Portsmouth

  • Ringwood

  • Salisbury 

  • Shaftesbury 

  • Southampton 

  • Swanage

  • Swindon

  • Upton

  • Verwood

  • Wareham

  • Westbury 

  • Weymouth

  • Wilton

  • Wimborne

  • Winchester 

  • Winton


Can I get 500 gallon tanker for hire?

Yes! At RM Liquid Disposal we have a tankers of various sizes to accommodate individual clients need. We provide services to both domestic and commercial clients. Whether its septic tank emptying at a resident or a more industrial grease trap emptying/ cleaning to leachate collection. No matter what service you require, you can rest assured that our engineers are highly skilled to carryout efficient and effective work. Simply call 01929 550928 and we will get an engineer to you as soon as possible.

What is a vacuum tanker used for?

Vacuum tankers are versatile vehicles designed for the removal and transportation of liquid and slurry waste. They are commonly used for emptying septic tanks, grease traps, interceptors, drains, manholes, gullies, and treatment plants. These tankers are essential for efficient waste management, ensuring that waste is safely transported to licensed disposal sites

How do I hire a waste vacuum tanker?

At RM Liquid Disposal, hiring a vacuum tanker is straightforward. You can contact our office directly by phone on 01929 550928, or send an email to enquiries@rescuerodgroup.com to discuss your specific needs. We offer flexible hire options and can provide you with our hourly rates. Upon confirming your requirements and agreeing on the quote we provide we proceed to book the service.

What other services do you provide besides vacuum tanker hire?

We offer comprehensive drainage services such as:

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